Terms and Conditions

Dear Customers, Studio Mason Limited always gives utmost importance to its customers. Nevertheless, in order to maintain proper customer service, some rules have to be followed. We request our esteemed customers to follow rules mentioned below, before buying products from Studio Mason.

Product warranties declared at the time of sale are warranties declared by the product manufacturer of that specific product, and not by the seller Studio Mason Ltd. Each brand has unique terms of warranty and their terms are mentioned on their own official website. And Studio Mason Ltd will follow the warranty terms as per manufacturer company warranty guideline.

The warranty terms set by the manufacturer are as follows:


• We follow the warranty policy issued by the international/ domestic manufacturer and Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) for each product.

• Any warranty claim for goods imported by Studio Mason is taken care on priority basis.

• Warranty is not applicable on all the products sold by us. The warranty is valid only for those products for which the parent company has declared a warranty period.

• If any problem or defect is found after the sales of a product covered by warranty, that product will be repaired or replaced subjected to the condition and availability of that particular goods. 

• If any defective product is not in reparable condition and there is no stock to change the product of a particular model, Studio Mason can replace it with the equivalent or similar product of any other brand.

• If the product of a particular model is not repairable and the same or equivalent product is not available in our stock, then a good product from that model can be replaced by depreciation and price adjustment.

• If the product of a particular model is not repairable and stock is not available for replacement, then the price can be refunded through sales depreciation adjustment.

• Studio Mason Ltd. is not responsible for any loss of software or data during servicing process of warranty claimed product.

• There is no fixed time to return the claimed product for warranty.  This time can be from 5-7 days to a maximum of 35-40 days or more. This is because the most cases, the parts required for repair are not available all time in Bangladesh, so there is a loss of time to import that part from manufacturer’s country.

• Lifetime Warranty Basically you will get the warranty facility as long as the product is present in the market.

• Studio Mason has right to impose service charge for any service outside the scope of warranty which will be effective subject to the consent of the customer.

• In case of service warranty, if any parts need to be changed or added, the buyer will have to pay for those parts in advance.

• Software or hardware tuning, OS installation, cleanup or refresh after the expiry of the warranty period will be on payment basis.


Cases where the warranty will be void or can be obtained conditionally

• In case of any defect due to inadvertent use such as getting wet, broken, burnt, injured, deeply scratched, etc., it will not be covered by warranty.

• If the serial or serial sticker of any product is partially or completely removed, damaged or partially damaged for any reason, that product will no longer be subject to warranty.

• If the motherboard, graphics card, RAM or any similar types of products have fungus or rust and any deep wound or scratch on the PCB, that product will no longer be subject to warranty.

• If you delete, remove or modify any factory installed firmware, that product will no longer be subject to warranty.

• In case of certain model combo (pair) keyboard-mouse (all keyboard-mouse sold as bundles together), if any one of the keyboard or mice is damaged, the complete combo (pair set) warranty will be void. Also, only keyboards or mice presented separately or present both of them without USB dongle for warranty will not be accepted.

Order Cancellation

Studio Mason promises to deliver quality and authentic products to their customers. Therefore, Studio Mason always runs Quality Control checks after receiving the ordered product from the authorized vendors. Studio Mason reserves all rights to cancel any order of the customer after finding any quality issue from Quality Control checks of the ordered product, as we aim to give our customers the best online shopping experience.

Studio Mason also reserves all rights to cancel any order if the ordered product is unavailable or if it is out-of-stock. Product unavailability cannot be predetermined or predicted by the website, whether it is due to unavoidable inventory management issues, website management issues, vendor stock update issues or any other unpredictable reason.